Office Hepa H10 210m3/H 4h Whole Room Air Purifier

Informacion basica
Lugar de origen: China
Nombre de la marca: OEM
Certificación: CE,ROHS,ERP
Número de modelo: JH901
Cantidad de orden mínima: 100 UNIDADES
Precio: 48~50usd
Detalles de empaquetado: una máquina en una caja
Tiempo de entrega: 15 días
Condiciones de pago: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Capacidad de la fuente: 1000 PC por día
material: ABS Color: blanco/modifique para requisitos particulares
CADR: 210m3/h aplicación de área: 25m2
filtro: un filtro de la cosechadora indicador del color: azul/anaranjado/rojo
Contador de tiempo: 1/2/4/8h Motor: CA
Alta luz:

H10 whole room air purifier


4h whole room air purifier


4h quiet hepa air purifier

Portable office type hepa H10 air purifier with antibacterial filters


The filter functions:

Primary filter:The primary effect filter has larger dust holding capacity and better use effect. At the same time, it can better intercept the dust in the air, so that the fibers in the dust can adhere to the surface of the primary filter.

The electrostatic function of the primary filter can produce electrostatic effects. The filtering effect produced by the filter material with static electricity is very significant. And the electrostatic function can make the dust adhere more firmly.

Hepa:H10 grade,The HEPA filter "sticks" PM2.5 fine dust by the adsorption of fibers. The diameter of the fibers is about the same size as the dust, and the "mesh" gaps between the fibers are even more "larger", and the "wide" space between the fibers allows airflow to pass smoothly. However, due to the layer-by-layer arrangement, the fine particles still inevitably collide with a messy interwoven fiber, thereby being absorbed. At this microscopic scale, the intermolecular van der Waals force between the fiber and the dust is sufficient to overcome the influence of the airflow and "stick" the two together.

Carbon:Effectively purify indoor air. It can absorb odorous, toxic and various harmful gases in the air, especially for formaldehyde, benzene series, TVOC, CO (carbon monoxide), NH3 (ammonia), O3 (ozone), Cl2 (chlorine), etc. Unique adsorption, purification and catalysis capabilities


The functions details information:

1, Auto mode function(Natural,silent,efficient,auto)

When machine is at auto mode,it will work based on your room air quality,if your room air quality is good ,it will work at silent mode,if your room air quality is poor,it will work at efficient mode

2, Sleep:when machine is sleep mode,it will work at lowest speed ,noise is as low as 25db

3, Anion:when press it ,machine will start to release negative ions

4, Air quality indicator:smell sensor

It will show 3 colors for different air quality

Blue:good air quality

Orange:medium air quality

Red:poor air quality

5, infrared remote control:you can control the machine within 3 m through remote

6, Timer functions:1/4/8 hours,after you press it at 8 hours ,it will stop working by itself after 8 hours


Why choose JH901?

1) Multifunctional:Auto/Sleep/Filter replace remind/Timer/Anion

2) Patent design

3) 230m3/h cadr for small size room 25 m2

4) Competitive price for the market

5) Compound filter(pre filter,hepa,carbon),lower cost for replacement


Why we need to use air purifier:

2.01 million peple died of the increase of PM2.5 concentration

PM2.5 has become the fifth leading lethal risk factor i the world


up to 110000 people die of formaldehyde pollution every year

a lot of formaldehyde will affect our health just after the new house is decorated


About 200000 people die every year from exposure to second-hand smoke

About 200000 people die from exposure to second-hand smoke every year,which can turn the indoor environment into heavily polluted environment


1250 people die every year from inhalation of excessive toxic gases

Harmful gases in the air are colorless and odorless


Our company informations:

founded in 2015,and only produce air purifier with 3 product line,located in Zhongshan city,guangdong,China,we have a cadr test lab and with a enginner team which have more thann 10 engineers to develop new models every year,from the product line,we will have 3 time quality check before pack the machines


Our Advantages:
1. We provide 1 year warranty
2. Replace the broken parts freely when next order
3. Shipping Tracking Service
4. OEM program, brand your product and packaging, be the hot seller in your area..
5. If you have any questions or need help, please let us know at any time, we will try our best to provide services.
6. The goods will be packing well by our profession packing worker.

How to process with us?
1) send enquiry to us by email or by phone
2) after received enquiry,we will send you product details by email
3) if you found some modesl ok for you ,pls ask us for more details(video or photo)
4) we could provide sample within 7 days if needed
5) before large order,we will send you one sample to let your comfirm

CE/ROHS/ERP,other cetifications can be discussed if needed

1. How can we get sample to test quality before placing larger order?
normally 7 days can provide you sample,you arrange the shipping cost and sample cost first,after place bulk order,we will return you sample cost
2. Can we do printing or label printing on the machines ?
Yes, we can.
3. Can you do ODM?
Yes, We can ,you provide the drawing to us,we will caculate the mold cost for you
4. What is the normal lead time?
For stock , we will send goods to you within 1-3 days after receiving your payment.
For OEM order,15~20 days is needed after received payment
5. What is your shipping terms?
For small trial order,FEDEX, DHL, UPS, TNT etc can be provided.
For larger order,we can arrange shipment by sea,by air according to your requirement.
We will help you to choose the best efficient shipping way according to your detail requirements.

Model JH901 usage place hotel/office/home
Power/voltage 50w/110~~220v package size 320*225*540mm
Capacity 210m3/h gross weight 5kg
Applying area 25m2 net weight 4kg
Functions Color indicator/timer/filter replace remind/auto timer 1/2/4/8h
Motor AC china motor filter replace time 3000 hours
machine size 302*205*520mm warranty one year 

Office Hepa H10 210m3/H 4h Whole Room Air Purifier 0

Office Hepa H10 210m3/H 4h Whole Room Air Purifier 1




*Speed-3 pseed

*Color indicator-blue/orange/red

*Filter replace remind



Office Hepa H10 210m3/H 4h Whole Room Air Purifier 2

*Pre filter



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